Rebecca Randolph Buckley

"A writer uses what experience he or she has. It's the translate, though, that makes the difference."                 John Irving

'Tis true, translation of experience and knowledge works to the advantage for a writer, as well as vivid imaginations and wild thoughts.  Perhaps better said ... 'ultra-creative' thoughts.

I write original fiction in which my life's 

experiences and travels definitely come into play, CONTEMPORARY ROMANTIC SUSPENSE. For instance: people I meet and observe, places I see, along with the heartbreak, the sadness, the tragedy, the pain ... and on the flip side ... the happiness, romance, travel, the ultimate feelings of euphoria ... it all culminates and combines in my heart and mind before it hits my fiction desk.  And then it's transported to you in the form of a book.  From my heart to your eyes. I am a world traveller which enhances the descriptions in my books, the settings are real. Be sure you read my 'Rachel ONeill' series.  

You see, writing what I know and experience makes it easy to write believable characters caught up in intertwining plots. All geared to entertain you and at the same time keep you and me guessing. Yes, that's right - I don't know what's going to happen from one page to the next, same as you, until it flashes in my mind the moment before it hits the page. We all love the element of suspense and surprise when reading a book, so why not write in the same manner. Works for me, unlike some writers, I abhor outlines. 

By the way, as you read these pages, you're invited to email your comments, thoughts and opinions about my books, characters, and stories.  And please ask questions about writing, editing, publishing, whatever you want, I just might have a suitable answer to guide you along.  Would love to hear about your writing too, your views, your experiences, etc.  


So ... welcome to my beloved writer's world!

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