October 30, 2017

HALLOWEEN SEASON!  Then THANKSGIVING in November, CHRISTMAS in December, last but not least ... NEW YEAR'S EVE!  My favorite part of the year, the holiday season!

July 11, 2017

Getting older ... hopefully wiser ... beautiful weather today in Cambria, a lovely seacoast village on the Central Coast of California.  Reminds me of some of the villages in England I've visited, although building materials are not the same, no stone walls or thatched roofs. There's a cool breeze coming through my open windows right now, is very comfortable at this time of day when it isn't hot.  Don't care for hot like it has been.  

So much has happened since I last posted a year ago.  Yes, a year ago. Wow!  Don't know where that year went. Whoosh! Gone! Bye Bye!  But I do know it was super full!  Oh yes. Chocked full. Came back from England at the end of October and began footwork and paperwork to take over the Pewter Plough Playhouse (theatre) on Jan 1, as well as putting out 'fires', trying to keep everybody happy when they weren't. I must tell you, it was a chore and a half.  Many times I asked myself if it was worth all the trouble and expense.  I still wonder about that, to be honest. We'll see what happens in the next six months ... in the meantime we're (staff & volunteers) are working our buns off to move the business forward. Creating something wonderful for the community.  Time and full seats will tell if the community appreciates our efforts.   

August 13, 2016

Living in Weymouth UK from July 6 to December 22 at the moment.  Another dream come true!  In my lifetime many dreams have come true for me, and I am so grateful, I am!  This one - living six months of the year in England - has been a long time goal.  The photo to the left is near my apartment, it's a cafe right on the beach. One of my favorites, and there are several here in Weymouth.  That's my reserved table in the corner.

I still am acclimating, though, trying to get into a routine that works for me, still getting everything in order back in the States via the Internet for my return ... and it's all coming along.  I'll be running the Pewter Plough Playhouse in 2017. 

The weather here is suitable to me, although there are a few too many warm days. I'm probably the only person in Dorset who prefers cool weather.  Next month will begin my season of preference.  

Be sure you read my BLOG ... 6 Months in England ... to hear more about this glorious  adventure!

June 23, 2016

OH YES, CHANGES!  Again!  I'm exhausted.  80 bins packed so far ... 50 boxes at least.  YIKES!   Well, obviously I didn't attend the convention this month and won't be going to the one next month ... because moving out of my house takes precedence ... 


January 19, 2016

Back from the wonderful Xmas cruise in Europe ... will be posting more about it on my blog soon, so watch for the overview and photos there.  Now that I'm back, my total focus is completing MIDNIGHT IN VEGAS.  I am so excited about being as close to the end of it as I am.  Three parts written, Part Four to go.  This will determine whether or not there will be a Part Five, so you can imagine how anxious I am.  I'm wondering how I can get all I need in just one more part.  Hummmmmm .... we'll see.  

That's THE Jimmy Thomas on my cover ... and I've again registered to attend his Romance Novel Convention this year in Vegas - June 1 to 5.  Made the decision today.  I'm also going to attend the Romance Writers of America conference in San Diego in July.  Figured I may as well get a couple of them in while I can.  2017 holds a lot of mystery as to what I'll be doing and where I'll be.  So, can't plan that far in the future, although I will be doing two plays in 2017.

In July 2017 ... I'll be producing/directing NANA'S KNICKERS ... wanted to do that this year, but it didn't turn out.  So I'll make another stab at it in 2017.  It's hilarious.   Then there's the holiday musical at the end of 2017 again.  So I'm feeling that will be the routine each year (two plays) as far as my involvement in stageplays at the PPP (Pewter Plough Playhouse) will be.  

Okay ... on with the program ... MIDNIGHT IN VEGAS to be finished first!   

December 6, 2015

Today there has been a shift in my thinking. Several situations have caused that shift.  Primarily, at the insistence of my son yesterday, I went onto a website and took one of those insurance life longevity quizzes. It predicts how long you'll live doing the same things you're doing now. And I saw how much time would be added if I made a few adjustments in my lifestyle.  For instance, more exercise, more green vegetables, and less alcohol.  Seems simple enough, wouldn't you think?  So today is the first day of a longer life for me.  By doing this, according to the charts, I will live till I'm in my 90s. Otherwise it's the 80s for me. No way!  I need that extra five or ten years to do all I want to do. You know?  I'm 75 ... so what do you think?  95?  That's the underside of my goal.  

This coming Saturday I'm off on a Christmas trip.  Will visit the Christmas Markets in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland.  On Christmas Day I'll be in Switzerland! So excited about that. I'm leaving all my present stress (selling house, contemplating a huge move) behind me.  It's a TIME-OUT for me after a long eventful year, lots of stress. Not all of it stressful, I had some wonderful times this past year with Jim before his health declined, I enjoyed making our home more comfy, enjoyed other things too, making improvements on the Pewter Plough Playhouse building downtown - which at times was super stressful, etc.  Yes, there were critical times, but happy moments too. So I am not complaining.  I just need this TIME-OUT!!!!

So my gal-pal Babs and I are going on a fabulous Christmas tour.  Counting the minutes!

December 5, 2015

November 20, 2015

On November 14, I strew the ashes of my late husband James David and his son James Lee's, as well as those of my own son James Barry.  It was an intimate gathering of friends and family that witnessed the ceremony led by Rev Jay Powell on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific, a spot down the hill from our home where Jim and I used to take our lunch and sit on the bench to enjoy the environment.

Now the fellas are free ... free to return to 'whence they came' ... and many of us will and are missing them so much.  Jim was 102, James Lee 65, James Barry 51.  

My life is changing once again ... I've decisions to make in the next few days, decisions that will not cause too much upheaval if I can help it, but big changes nevertheless. And although my place of residence will change soon, I'm happy in the fact that I'm healthy and  I always have my constant mind and love for a life that is full of adventure and wonderment.  No complaints here. I roll with the tide ... see me out there rolling?  

One of the good things is I am writing again.  That's a happy thang!    


November 11, 2015

VETERANS' DAY in the USA!  Today we honor our military, those who served in the past and those who are serving now.  What a chunk of their lives they give our families and country!  They leave their homes to go off to other parts of the country and world to protect our shores first, and even to protect other people from attack across the seas. 

We don't do enough for them, we just don't. This is my belief and true feeling.  Giving them a paycheck and benefits, yes, we do that, but it doesn't even come close to make up for what most of them have to go through.  

So today I say to all those who have gone into service for us, we Americans, me included, owe you much gratitude.  Thank you!     

September 17, 2015

TERRIBLE THING HAPPENED!  All my fault!  I lost my domain name, wasn't watching that it was time to renew.  And now it's past recovery time.  OMG  Now I've had to change it to something not as good.  rebeccabuckleywrites instead of rebeccabuckley.  How could I have been so neglectful!  

There was a time when we didn't have web pages, when it didn't matter.  We didn't have cell phones or iPads or computers. But now we seem to be governed by all these electronics and are nearly devastated when any of them go on the blink ... I know I am. Yes, I'm being honest.  I panic when they don't work, my modes of communication.  

ALSO I had just ordered a new batch of business cards with rebeccabuckley.com on them.  Have to reorder!  Thank goodness for VistaPrint, they don't cost much to reorder.  

Well, I suppose life will go on regardless of my faux pas ... I still have a roof over my head, live in beautiful Cambria CA in the pines with an ocean view, have food in the cupboard, a car, and my cats.  Am another year older, had a 75th birthday this month. Am busy taking care of my husband who is  now bedridden. Caregivers and Hospice are on call, so that's a godsend.  

My writing has been interrupted briefly, will be getting back to it very very soon.  I miss my normal routine of writing and reading.  But I know I can't stay away from it for very long.  Just added a digital mini baby grand piano to our abode, so I am tinkering with it.  Love to sit and play while singing along in my keys, for with digital adjusting the keys is so simple.  Love it!  

Okay there we are ... the latest! 

May 13, 2015

Oboy! Year is almost half over. Summer's here essentially, am feeling it more as each day passes.  But I must say, it's better here in CA then in AZ, although I'm going to have to make a trip there one of these days - things to do.  But for now, I'll enjoy the Pacific and the pines. 

Have been writing writing writing  'Midnight in Vegas' - 6th in the series.  Was going to change the title, but decided to keep it as is.  Works better and besides I'd already designed the cover with Vegas in mind. I must say I'm truly enjoying writing the characters in this one.  They're keeping me on my toes, really exercising my brain.  lol lol 

Not much else going on aside from the usual remodeling and reorganizing that is a perpetual part of my life.  No travel on the near horizon, although I do have a trip booked in December, but will have to wait and see whether or not I'll be going ... not sure. 

So there you are ... I hope you've been reading my books and are ready for the next one coming up at the end of the year .... yes?   Yes!

February 15, 2015

February is here already, WOW!  Closed DUKES PLACE on January 18 and immediately went back to Arizona for my dear beloved kitties, all four of them ... missed them so much!  Now they're here with me in CA and the living is good, I can focus better with them at my side.  

I still maintain my home in AZ though, still have that residence, don't plan to dispose of it or rent it out. Have caretakers in place.  In the meantime I'm in CA with my 102 year-old hubby who needs some TLC.  It's been quite a 4 1/2 months, it has.  Lots of changes, organizing, revamping ... all for the better for Jim and for me.  No complaints, just lots of work and creativity.   

GUESS WHAT?  TODAY I started writing again.  Hip Hip Hooray!  Finally have everything to the point that I can get back to what I'm made for.  AND it feels good!  Rachel O'Neill has been waiting for quite a while to get to her next adventure ... lol lol lol ... so I feel safe in saying by the end of the year MIDNIGHT IN VEGAS will be available for you all to read.  Sixth in the series!  MIDNIGHT IN SEVILLE is seventh. 

FOR TO ME TO LIVE IS TO WRITE ... and I'm certainly living these days.  


December 5, 2014

I'm in Cambria CA directing DUKE'S PLACE, a new production of Duke Ellington music with a storyline and dialog (written by yours truly) ... above is the cast photo, but incomplete because our sixth cast member arrived at a later date and is not in the picture.  CAST:  Jim Conroy, Judy Philbin, David Manion, Roy Henry, Sunny Wright, Marianne Lindstrom. The show opens December 19 and runs weekends till January 18.  Add it to your calendar and we hope to see you at a performance.   Pewter Plough Playhouse, Cambria CA 


Sunny Wright, Roy Henry, David Manion, Marianne Lindstrom, Jim Conroy, Judy Philbin

September 24, 2014

What a wonderful time was had in Spain this month by the three of us: myself and my two friends - Babs and Pat. I would have thought after returning from the jam-packed two weeks in Seville, Algeciras, and Madrid that I wouldn't be thinking of travel again for at least a few months.  Figured I'd be happy to be home, which I am, happy to be getting back into my usual routine, which I am, and wouldn't think of another trip till next year.  Not!  (laughing)  I must be demented, haven't completely recovered from the Spain holiday.  (laughing)

However ... Pat and I have booked our next trip already, and I'm sure Babs would go right along with us if she hadn't already done the Grand Circle Travel's 21-day tour of China & Yangtze River.  Yes, we're going to China at the end of 2015 - Thanksgiving in China.  A country I've been wanting to visit for several years, but kept going elsewhere.  

So, now that the next big journey is planned,  I'm getting back into the swing of things for real, writing again, reading, working on projects, and just enjoying my cats and being home.  The sixth novel in the 'Rachel O'Neill' series coming up next!  

**** Canceled trip to China.