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RACHEL O’NEILL is an American writer in England betrothed to British Ethan Philips. She's accepted his proposal for marriage, even though it's understood to be merely a business arrangement. But she's in a quandary of the arrangement because she's afraid of commitment and intimacy especially after being miserably through it all before, and especially after being horribly raped in California before coming to England. 

Rachel complicates her life even more at London's New Year's Eve celebration in historic Trafalgar Square at the stroke of midnight. Experiencing a thrilling kiss with a complete stranger, she realizes she doesn't want to be married, business or not. Now she's got to muster the guts to tell Ethan she can't go through a loveless marriage

The events that unfold rapidly whisk Rachel into a world of adventure, romance, travel and discovery where she comes face to face with eclectic characters who, in her mind, appear to have been traveling together for more than one lifetime.

Will Ethan persuade her to be his bride?  Will Rachel find what she is looking for? 

Rachel reappears in all the 'Midnight' novels (Rachel O'Neill Series) that take you to vibrant and exciting New Year's Eve celebrations in cities around the world. Come along, become part of the drama, suspense, and romance that surrounds her.

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