Rebecca J. Buckley - Writer

Have you read Rebecca Buckley's Contemporary Romantic Suspense Novels set around the World?


This volume holds six of Rebecca Buckley's stageplays.  The latest play written in 2011, is George & Lottie, her continuation of a hit play/film written by someone else ... see if you can figure out which film.   There are some similarities to Ms. Buckley's life story in some of these plays, and some are strictly fiction.  Nevertheless, you are sure to find them all entertaining.  

And who knows, you might want to perform one of them in your own little theatre.  Just contact the publisher for the rights to perform. 

"George & Lottie", "Opposite Ends of the Rainbow", "Peace in the Valley", "Cafe Dustyefsky", "Rocky Rhodes" ('Where Do We Go from Here'), "Little Katie McMullen"

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