Rebecca J. Buckley - Writer

Have you read Rebecca Buckley's Contemporary Romantic Suspense Novels set around the World?

In this fifth novel of the series Rachel O'Neill faces another difficult decision: will she or will she not marry Moscow-ite Maxim Ballenchine at Christmas? 

While questioning her pendulum swinging feelings, she travels to the U.S. with plans to sell her deceased mother's mountain cabin in Montana and then her deceased father's home in California. 

During the first week in Montana on her way to Kallispell to buy supplies, she rescues Allegra McAdams from a roll-over auto accident. Allegra is still recovering from the death of their mother, a victim in an unsolved murder case, and she and her brothers own one of the largest cattle ranches in Montana. But the startling coincidences are that Allegra is a also a writer and owns a home in Malibu, California, on the same street as Rachel's son. 

Rape, murder, romance, and mystery are all tied up into a neat bundle in this contemporary novel by Rebecca Buckley. So hang onto your hats and come along for the ride.  

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