Rebecca J. Buckley - Writer

Have you read Rebecca Buckley's Contemporary Romantic Suspense Novels set around the World?


Rebecca Buckley's second volume of stories is unique in the sense that there are some departures from her norm in this book.  She's gone beyond the boundaries of what she calls her safe place, so to speak.  Included is a stageplay: Book by Rebecca Buckley, Music & Lyrics by Don Dominguez ... which was produced for two 8-week runs on the central coast of California. 

The most off the beaten track is 'Viagra Dialogues' which is double X-rated and what she sez is her answer to Eve Ensler's 'Vagina Monologues' and is very close to Rebecca's own truth on the subject of sex and its parts. 

So here are the stories:

"The Train to Moscow", "Between a Rock and a Hard Place", A Silver Lining", "Just a Dream", "Mama's Diaries", "Three Little Words", "Brothers", "Viagra Dialogues", "Zara's Secret", "Mohan, Indian Boy", "Cafe Dustyefsky".

Please email me (to the left) and tell me what you think of this book.  Available on major Internet bookstores and ebook stores, also available to order at your favorite neighborhood booksellers.